About Us

SC Planners is a real estate and land use consulting firm that provides assistance and expertise on the varied critical components involved with land use and development. Our passion is to implement sound development practices for clients to help them meet their objectives, while conscientiously adhering to land use standards and regulations designed to respect the natural environment and the well-being of the community. Balancing project development goals with regulatory requirements and environmental compliance from the outset of project concept/design is crucial in moving a project forward efficiently and successfully.

With over 15 years of experience, we successfully achieve our clients’ goals by combining our knowledge of the development process with innovative strategies to create solutions to problems that frequently plague the process. We coordinate and manage a wide range of projects of varied scope, scale, and location; from residential remodels to new commercial and institutional projects; from rural mountain areas to the heart of urban Los Angeles; from addressing hazards that may arise from fire, flood, and geology to problems associated with limited parking, ADA access, traffic congestion, or inadequate affordable housing.

We offer a wide range of services including project management, consultant management, historical records research, feasibility studies, cost/benefit analyses, permit processing, coordination with governmental agencies, and public hearing representation, and public outreach. Throughout the process, we coordinate closely with our clients to understand their individual needs, so that we can determine the most effective approach to accomplish their goals in the dynamic and uncertain world of land use and real estate.

Historical Property Analysis

SC Planners has extensive experience in identifying and/or resolving historical land issues involving Certificates of Compliance, Patent Grants, Unpermitted Development, and Lot Legality. Understanding a property’s history can provide assistance to a property owner in identifying potential problems at an early stage of the process and can also provide an owner with additional options/alternatives that may add value to a project.

Feasibility Studies

SC Planners provides services for prospective buyers and/or property owners/developers to evaluate a property or project, prior to purchase or commencement of work. The purpose of a Feasibility Study is to identify potential uses of a property, relevant governmental codes/requirements/allowances, estimated time/costs associated with a potential project, any potential issues that may negatively impact the project, etc. The goal of a Feasibility Study is to provide a client with realistic expectations before investing time/money in project design.

Project Management

Any development or land use project requires specialists such as architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, geologists, biologists, landscape architects, contractors, sub-contractors, attorneys, etc. SC Planners assists in identifying what project consultants may be required for a given project, depending on the scope of work. Additionally, SC Planners coordinates with the various parties to manage the timeline and accuracy of the various plans/reports/analyses frequently required by permitting agencies in a holistic manner to ensure project efficiency.

Project Representation

SC Planners provides full-service project representation with requisite permitting/approval agencies at all levels of Government. These agencies may include local Planning, Building & Safety, Environmental Health, Public Works, or Fire Departments; State agencies, such as the California Coastal Commission, Department of Fish and Game, State Lands Commission, Water Quality Control Board; or even Federal agencies such as the Army Corp of Engineers or National Park Service. SC Planners facilitates the preparation of any required permit materials such as applications, plans, and reports. Once the requisite materials are submitted, we proactively engage with governmental officials to assist them in expediting the approval process. Additionally, if public hearings are required, SC Planners provides project representation at the hearings to convey the merits of the project and its consistency with relevant rules and regulations.